Wednesday, 25 November 2009


So, I was wondering what to write when i thought, who do I hate. Glynn. What would be fun ? Describing how to destroy him. So here I rpesent a critical appraisal of his team as well as suggestions to stop him and remove him from the top 5 of the gameworld :) This will be part of a series of appraisals of peoples team, together with suggestions to beat them. So read onwards.......................

Team: Stockton

Preferred Formation: 442 ( A wide variant with balls being pinged from mcs to wide men)

GK:Steve Mandanda

Good all round goalie but at 34 will soon be dead.

DL:Claudio Miccoli

19 Accel and Pace, 17 Agility. Very fast up and down the wing, but has 12 crossing., good at defending, less so on attacking. 11 on heading, so may be good to put in high balls near him as his heading is on par with um, someone shit.

DR:Mickael Brunel

Quick and skilled at defending. One of the best right backs currently in platini.

DC:Federico (lardy) Fazio

Big fat man mountain. Good and strong in the tackle, only 14 accel and pace.

DC:Metthew (Fat Boy) Spiranovic

Slow ass lard boy. 12 for accel and 14 for pace.

ML:Laszio Panczel

Nippy winger with very good crossing. Bottles it in most tackles though with only 9 bravery.

MC:Christophe Marty

Creative attacking midfielder


Creative defensive/normal midfielder. Usually has quite a few longshots or shots form the edge of the area.

MR:Cesar Azpilicueta/Daniel Candeias

Similar to the ML, but seems to be a bit more brave and not as quick, a bit lacking in defensive attributes.


Not much to say apart from one of the stars in the game. Do not believe he likes plying his trade with glynn though and im sure is looking to leave ASAP :)

FC:Alberto Paoloshci

Not as nippy as pato, but a better finisher and better off the ball. Better as a supporting striker.

Secret Weapon: Branislav Basta

The man is a sleeping beast. A secret assassin. If this guy enters the fray, put man marking and hard tackling on him.


The side is pretty strong all round with a strong presence in midfield and nippy wingers with good crossing into 2 good forwards to bang it into the net. The back is very solid, with the DR in particular providing a lot of help in forward attacking runs


From the looks of it, glynn does the usual I haz wingers lets make them power down the
line to cross into the 2 forwards to smash in.Lucas is also seen to take quite a few shots
from edge of the area and more than often pops up with a goal every now and then. The main
this is the two forwards though, contributing between them about 85% of the goals. A Tactical genius he is not. Ball -> Wingers -> Pato -> Win :)

How to pwn

The main thing to do is to stifle the 2 front men, whilst having a few nippy forwards of
your own. The nippy forwards should play on the shoulders of the 2 dcs and should aim to
just run away from the fat fazio to smash it past "old man" mandanda. I would suggest you play deep, retaining the ball and counterattack at any opportunity. I would suggest hard tackling on both wingers as well as the 2 dcs. I would also suggest not to put tight marking on pato and palosh as playing deep you will want to give yourself all the extra space in order to do a running jump at breaking their legs.
I would also suggest playing quite widely as well. Let mr Stockton tire his players out as your play the ball about nicely with a fairly low tempo. Then when they are tired. BAM. DESTROY.Possibly playing with a sweeper will help mop up the balls over the top if your dcs are quite slow.
You might find it effective to haev a big giant ST up front to pump balls into and then to play them off to attacking mids as team orange like to do with Aguero up front, who lays it off to Mohammed and Raynard. David has found it quite hard to defend against this and recently conceded 2 goals to very straight forward pump the ball into aguero DC goes with, amid gets played into space then bam.
If you find you dont have any fast forwards then I would advise playing 451, with the ML and MR both defensive, set to destroy davids wide men. This will hopefully stiffle them enough to maybe smash one in from long range. Even if you dont win, you might injure one of his players which is almost as good as victory.

If you have any questions I will be in chat.

Stay tuned for the next article on how to destroy "little boy" mike.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Platini Fanzini - Past and Present

I'm sure you would remember in the past the great, wonderful characters that used to fill Gameworld with so much joy and happiness :D And then there were the ones that used to piss us off........a lot.

Platini's Past Greats -

1. Nick Brooke - Platini Moderator and a dominating engineer with his AZ Bruntsfield, but sadly left us this season to concentrate on his third year at University (work hard at Uni, As if lol does it look like me and Alan Patterson work hard XD)

2. Karen Langton - Now you would have to be part of the Platini Founders to remember Platini's greatest (and one of the only) female managers. She left us in Season 6 in order to pursure other gameworlds, her team Suffragette City was at one point a record 5th place in an 800 member strong gameworld (how should I know it was that many because I was 758st and I was playing every day!)

3. Dave Fulton - Golden Oldies but one the best, always made us laugh with his theory that any technilogical advancements would spell the end of the world, well Gameworld staunchly against 3D-Graphics for FML. Achieved a record place of 14th in the time he was with us.

4. Alan Patterson - Wait?! But he is with us now. Very true he was but he left us for another gameworld Rummienge then after realising he missed the awesome characters from Platini he came back with his tail between his legs and was happily welcomed back. Achieved a record place of 2nd and hasn't achieved it since :P

Platini's Past Idiots

1. Sunny Adams

Well we all remember Sunny don't we? enough said on the matter. Though tbh I personally liked him one to one, but when he kept going on about the Hulk that was enough to do our minds in!!!

Any more suggestions to the Past Greats or Idiots would be appreciated :D

Thanks for Reading

Daniel (Roxas) Ruddem

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Xmas is coming

This will be a fairly quick post, but with Xmas around the corner, what would you rather have ?

1/ A Real life Roflcopter

I think it would be pretty awesome to be seen flying around the city with one of these bad boys.

2/ Mischa Barton

Not only is she hot but pretty slutty as well. I bet she is a filthbag in bed.

3/ Marcelo Silva

Awesome midfielder and only 17!? 19 Accel and Pace, 16 agility, 17 Flair... the list goes on.

I know what id choose. What would you ?

Answers on a postcard.No wait.Fuck off.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Where I live...

I live in a nice little Gameworld. It is home to some very skilled, as well as some very shit managers(Kieran).

My Aim for this Blog is to give you some ramblings about the goings on in Platini, the adventures of Grim Reaper and anything interesting about FML.

Platini is a fairly old server, started about February 09 and at the moment (18/11/09), there have been 138 different managers that have logged in, in the last 24 hours. Is this a good thing ? or a bad thing ? I keep hearing on the forums about "Gameworlds are dying", "ZOMG U FUCKEN SUXORS GW DIEDZ" and the like.

How many managers is infact optimal ?. To be honest I think everything is fine as it is. ……We could do with a few more managers, but:

1. The transfer market is still pretty active

Not only is the transfer market alive and booming, but there are lots of good regens (think they finally fixed something in 1.3.2) as well as oldies available on the free agent market.

2. Football Associations

There are about 4Active FA's all running lots of competitions for youth as well as seniors.


As I type this there are 33 managers online. this is pretty much a good average for us. That is more than enough people to play against. The lobby is always very talkative too, usually with Mike talking about something to do with midgets or Alan talking about the Fat bird he shagged the other night. In any case, it is always entertaining :).

How did we get to where we are ? I think it all just nicely fell into place all by itself. The big change being the last big movement of all the deadwood/hoppers to Whiteside in about May/June?. I am quite glad they left to be honest. FML is a long term game and if you have people trying to maximize things in the short term well….gayness. I dont know about you but I like training up the youths and building my club up.

My question to you is. What would you rather have:

A/ A nice close knit community where everyone knows each other, with a few hundred different accounts of skilled managers to pit your wits against.


B/ A full server where Inflation is sky high, it is hard to sign players and where the community is "fractured".

I know where I would rather be.